Geekerella...Lost in Cyberspace


Once upon a time there was a girl who was bored, bored, bored. She’d heard about this Internet thing, so she thought she’d see if anything was going on in Cyberspace. * * * Seven years later, she’d spent so much time on the web, that she decided to set up home there.

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I’m Geekerella and this is my home, please do wander around. As you can see, I have only just begun to decorate but I’m hoping to add contributions from friends and neighbours. Please do chip in.

Living Room:

My favourite room; a collection of fan fiction and fan art associated with my favourite books, films & comics. This is always growing & changing.

Potterverse; North & South; LOTR; Buffyverse;


In the Kitchen you will find easy to follow recipes that you can whip up with ordinary ingredients.

Natural Skincare;          Natural Remedies;             Low Carb resources (UK)


Where you will find my work: fanfiction & original pieces.

Guest Room:

Read original writing  by my guests.




Sneak a look inside my bathroom cabinet or  help yourself to newspapers & magazines.


30/09/05: 3 Snape/Hooch stories added to fanfic listing * New recipe for brightening face mask added to kitchen.

15/09/05: All My Fanfic now moved to fanfiction.net * New Page added to Living Room with list of all Snape/Hooch FanFic & FanArt I could find.

11/09/05: New HP FanFic “I shall wait” added to the Study. * External Links modified to open in a new window.

04/09/05: New Harry Potter FanFic “The Long Game” added to the Study.

04/09/05: In the Living Room - All video downloads changed to zip files (save bandwidth). Please “save target as” & save to your hard drive then use an unzipping tool to access.

Contact:   webmistress@geekerella.net


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